Retreat Information

By: Editor  Published: 4/18/2017

EYSO holds an annual Veterans Day retreat for ALL ORCHESTRAS. Because our members come from all over the greater Snohomish county area and attend many different schools, the retreat is both an important and fun time for us to get to know each other personally as well as musically as we prepare for our our upcoming concerts. Attendance is required. All costs are included in the tuition. There are no additional fees. 


Concert orchestra members have a full day retreat on Veteran's Day. The retreat will include rehearsal, meals, and activities. More details will be available in October.

A packet with retreat schedule, permission form and details will be distributed to musicians in early October.


Sonata Strings members have a half day rehearsal on Veterans Day.

For questions about the retreat contact us:, 425-258-2028.


  1. Instrument
  2. Current music
  3. Music stand
  4. pencil

Please label your instrument case, music folder, and music stand
Please do not bring personal electronics

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