Member's Testimonials

The joy of creating grand symphonic music and wonderful new friendships can be yours to share. Here's what some of the students had to say about EYSO in a recent survey:

Playing in the Youth Symphony is fun, and the music is challenging and interesting. Many students, ages 12-17

It’s an awesome experience and it improves your playing abilities. D. F., age 16

You can play different types of music and meet other kids who enjoy classical music and play a variety of instruments. L. T., age 16

EYS is more challenging and offers me a chance to play different styles of music than my school band. EYSO member, age 14

The conductor is really cool, he does a really good job, we play cool music and it’s fun. L. J., age 13

I get to meet new people, see my friends, have fun. J. S., age 14

Practice hard, take lessons, and use a metronome. N. B., age 15

Taking private lessons is a plus since you can ask questions about trills and such, don’t stress over the audition, it’s in a very relaxed environment and the evaluators are very nice. L. T., age 16

People want to be here which makes it fun. EJSO member, age 14.

EYSO is cool because it gives me a chance to meet others in my skill level.

For information on upcoming concerts audition requirements and opportunities you may also call the EYSO Information Line at (425) 258-2028.

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